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Road to mandalay cruise
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Myanmar cruises
Myanmar cruises
Myanmar cruises
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Myanmar Luxury Cruises The collection of the best cruises to discover Myanmar !


is not only worldwide known as the country of holy Buddhist temples and Buddha images but also a stunning destination with amazing history landscapes and so honest and friendly people. It's said that travel on the

cruising tour

along the famous

Rivers in Myanmar

, especially

Ayeyarwaddy river

is a great choice to get a unique insight into the way of local's life. With

Myanmar river cruises

tourists can explore almost the famous sites, important Temples, Pagodas and Monasteries of the country as well as enjoying the peaceful river's tranquility. Furthermore, this is an opportunity for you to explore deeply about the special locals culture and their daily life on two side of the river bank...

Myanmar Luxury Cruises

is operated by HOLIDAYS MYANMAR™ Team - proudly a member of SE ASIA Travel Group - the selection of the best cruises to discover


. With over 10 years experience in Myanmar tourism, We are confident giving the most comfortable & luxurious services to you and you will have unforgettable trip in Myanmar with us - A wonderful Golden Pagoda country waiting for you to discover... Book with us to get best offers & best services now. Your satisfaction and joyfulness is our happiness!
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Road To Mandalay Cruise

Built in 1964 and repaired in 2009, the Road to Mandalay Cruise Ship is the most famous and prominent masterpiece of classic and modern... 

Paukan Cruise

Built in 2007, Paukan Cruise is one of the oldest cruise ship in Myanmar and also one of the most luxurious of the country... 

Amara Cruise

Amara Cruise is built in 2003 with traditional style, small but lovely Standard cabins, screened windows... 

Top Myanmar River Cruise Itineraries